Light + Relax Candles

Our collection of candles are another way we encourage self-care. These coconut + soy wax candles feature our DeepSteeped tea oils.


UNWIND (sold out)

Remember to exhale + unwind. Our Softly Unwind tea sets the mood for you to press pause. Our DeepSteeped Tea Oil creates a creamy lavender aroma that emits calm to your core.


If you desire the sun on your face and crave the most perfect weather, this candle is for you! It's an emphatic self-care moment that sparks pure joy! Our DeepSteeped Tea Oil is used the highlight the versatility of our bright citrus (Joy)ful Sunrise tea.


The warmth of a well-spent Sunday in a candle. Inspired by our signature Sunday Grace tea, this candle glows with warm scents of our DeepSteeped Tea Oil with notes of caramel, vanilla, and black tea.