The concept of Grace & Gratitude stems from my love for high-quality tea, holistic wellness, and cultivating new connections. I believe that overall wellness can start with a cup of tea.

As a working wife and mom, my tea time is my me time. It’s one of the simplest ways I routinely practice self-care. In the morning, it’s my time to pray, meditate, and set my intentions for the day. While at night, it’s my time to decompress, give thanks, and plan for the next day.

In addition to our tea blends, we have designed and sourced products that support your self-care + wellness. Ultimately, it is my hope that you are encouraged to take a moment for yourself, give yourself and others a little more grace, and live with gratitude.

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With much Grace & lots of Gratitude,

commitment + community

the core

My family is at the heart of why I started grace + gratitude. Every day, I show my children the importance of commitment and hard work, the blessing in caring for others, and the impact we can have on our community.

self-care practice

the ritual

As a busy working mom of two, I knew I had to create my own self-love ritual to care for myself. Tea became my safe harbor.

Self-care tips

reading time

Grab a warm cup of tea and cozy up in a corner with a good book.

go offline

Power down for a mental break to reset from digital lifestyles. Go for a walk + get outdoors!

rest + relax

Prioritize time for a restorative session at home with a fresh batch of herbal tea.