Grace & Gratitude offers a collection of carefully curated tea blends. We feature caffeine-free herbals and rooibos teas, slightly caffeinated green teas, moderately caffeinated black teas, and oolong teas. All of our teas are free from added sweeteners. If you enjoy your tea sweetened, consider our all-natural tea sugar crystals that perfectly sweeten your tea without altering its flavor.

Ethical Sourcing

Each tea blend is grown following the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization that monitors and regulates living and working conditions on tea estates worldwide.

Our teas are certified organic and are grown without conventional pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, or sewage-sludge-based fertilizers.

tea brewing

Properly brewing your tea is important, but don't worry; it is not difficult at all. We recommend heating your water to boiling and then allowing it to cool depending on the type of tea. 

For our black, herbal, and rooibos teas, we recommended brewing at boiling, 212ºF. For our green teas, allow your water to cool for 3 minutes before brewing; for our white teas, allow your water to cool for 2 minutes, and let your water cool for 1 minute before brewing your oolong tea.

The instructions below are included on each tea package and unique to each tea blend.

brewing instructions


First, heat water to the recommended temperature. Be careful as water will be very hot. Allow water to cool as appropriate.


Next, add one heaping scoop of loose tea to 8 oz of the heated water.


Lastly, let the tea brew for the specified time. Allow time to cool. Enjoy!