I Voted Today.


Today I voted. Voting felt different today than in years past. There’s so much at stake. There is so much division. There is so much hatred. I wanted and needed to be a part of the solution. I couldn’t stand by and act as if this is the version of America to which I subscribe. My children deserve better. We all deserve better. So, I voted.

And now, it’s out of my hands. I only get one vote. I can continue encouraging others to vote, but I cannot vote again, and I cannot change the outcome of this election.

So, instead of worrying and becoming consumed, I maintain my mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness by understanding that my power is limited, but God’s power is limitless.

So, I pray. I vote. I hope.

And I believe that whether your prayer is a cry, a yell, a small whisper, a gentle thought, or silent meditation, something happens every single time we pray — whether we know it or not.

So be encouraged and VOTE.

And the ”Grace” hoodie is available in the shop.

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