If you are new to the loose tea life, don’t worry, enjoying loose tea leaves can be an effortless and enjoyable experience. Follow the instructions below to easily brew a great cup of tea each time.


  • Loose tea leaves
  • Tea scoop
  • Saucepan, teapot, or an alternate vessel to heat water
  • Tea infuser or tea pocket (I highly recommend purchasing a box of our tea pockets, which work exactly like tea bags)


Heat water in a saucepan, teapot, or vessel. The proper temperature depends on the type of tea you are brewing. Please refer to our product pages or FAQs for the recommended temperature per blend.

Using the tea scoop, place one heaping scoop (per 8 oz of water) of loose tea leaves in a tea infuser or tea pocket. If using sweetener, add your tea sugar crystals with your tea in the infuser or pocket.

Place the loose tea filled infuser or pocket in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes. Herbal teas and certain tea blends can be steeped longer — up to 10 minutes. The longer the steeping time, the stronger the flavors will be.

Remove the tea leaves. You can also add additional flavorings like lemon and mint if desired.

For iced tea, brew as you would a hot tea. Allow the mixture to cool and serve over ice. Double the amount of tea, since ice will be added.

I’d love to hear your experience of brewing your cup of loose tea leaves. Feel free to leave a comment below.

October 05, 2020 — Candice Brown
Tags: tea

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