Hand-blended organic teas

We are a proud Black woman-owned brand that offers moments of self-care through our delicious tea blends. Our collection of teas include caffeine-free herbal and rooibos teas, slightly caffeinated green teas, moderately caffeinated black teas, and oolong teas. Each tea is carefully blended and hand-packed in small batches to ensure quality, freshness, and consistency.

why black tea?

When regularly consumed, black tea has numerous benefits to your overall health! We have great selections to try. Click the image to see our collection of delicious black teas.


bath teas

Drop one tea bag into a hot bath and breathe in the aromatic herbs and essential oils.

gold tea infuser

For use in steeping your favorite tea. Now available in gold and silver.

"fresh grace" mug

Add inspiration to your morning tea ritual! This mug reads, "Here's to fresh grace every day."

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Your favorite teas delivered on your schedule at a discounted rate! Click on any tea for more information.

tea + self-care

a tea ritual

A tea ritual can be the simplest way to practice self-care and improve your overall wellness.

tea + holistic wellness

we love tea

Regular consumption of tea can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve blood glucose levels, and reduce the risk of cancer.